Essence of Purity: Sacred Ritual Smoke Blend

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Unveil a sanctuary of peace within your own space with our Essence of Purity Sacred Ritual Smoke. Ethically sourced and suffused with the loving energy of Reiki, this blend is an homage to the ancient practice of cleansing and sanctification.

Crafted from Earth's Botanicals Immerse in the sanctity of a loose smoke blend that marries the potent purity of Organic White Sage with the soothing serenity of Grade A Lavender. Alongside these are handpicked botanicals such as Cedar, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus, each contributing their own unique essence to this sacred symphony.

A Floral Whisper The delicate whispers of Organic Rose Petals and Jasmine interlace within this mixture, elevating the blend with their floral finesse and inviting love and positivity into your rituals.

A Touch of the Wild Completing the ensemble, the sweet caress of Sweetgrass wraps the experience in a blanket of warmth, reminiscent of sun-kissed prairies and open skies.

Your Ritual, Reimagined Embrace the ritual with our Sacred Ritual Smoke and let each botanical note guide you to a place of balance and rejuvenation. It's not just a smoke blend; it's an invitation to transform your home, aura, and altar into a haven of spiritual clarity and tranquility.


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