No. 11:11 Balancing Intention Spray

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Feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?

Then reach for No 11:11, a luxurious blend of high-quality fragrance and essential oils that will help you connect with the present moment, find balance and peace. 

Featuring deep red patchouli and warm amber intertwined with refreshing yuzu and heady rose, this divine fragrance will transport you to a state of calm and relaxation.

The perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

 -alleviates negative emotional distress

-stabilize nervous system

-decreases tension, anger and fatigue


Contains essential oils of Bergamot (Italy), Ylang Ylang (France), Patchouli (Indonesia), Orange (US and Brazil), Cedarwood (US) + Cinnamon Leaf (Sri Lanka)


****100% Natural + Organic Sustainably Harvested Witch Hazel and Grain Alcohol (non-GMO).

Cruelty-Free | Vegan |  Phthalate-Free